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Welcome to Vitality Expression, this is a place for yoga as therapy and medicine for your health and wellness and for your spiritual growth; a place for nutritional therapy and functional medicine, so that you can understand what are the underlying and hidden root-causes of your current health issues and find comprehensive guidance into how to solve them with a 100% science-based and yet holistic approach.

Explore the site to find relevant articles on obesity, stress management, fatigue, burnout, and how to restore your optimum health with healing foods, mindfulness, and the best of Western modern science. There is also an Ayahuasca retreat coming up soon, individual and group coaching activities, and more.

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Latest Articles

Increased intestinal permeability: the root of all evil!

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME IS THE DISORDER THAT MAKES THE LINING OF YOUR INTESTINES LEAKY OR POROUS. Its medical term is "Increased Intestinal Permeability" and refers...

New evidence that functional medicine is the right choice!

In a first-of-its-kind publication, researchers from Cleveland Clinic report that Functional Medicine care is associated with improved health-related quality of life. The research, published in...

The importance of getting tested for hormones at least once every year!

Men & women have hormones.  A good daily natural supply of hormones by our own glands gives us a glow to our skin and to...



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