Are you a woman in your 40's or above, with burnout (adrenal fatigue or adrenal dysregulation), anxiety and stress, with excess weight (pear-shaped or apple-shaped body), poor sleep, poor fitness, and dreaming of getting back to your healthy and sexy you again?

Burnout & Hormonal Imbalance in Weybridge, Surrey and London

I help motivated and ambitious perimenopausal women that are struggling with abnormal fatigue, poor sleep, excess body weight, insulin resistance, low thyroid function, estrogen dominance, high androgens, poor fitness, gut issues, and lack of self-esteem, to rebalance their hormones, restore optimum energy levels and restorative sleep, rejuvenate and improve their fitness with a 12 week program that I created for them out of my own personal experience with burnout and hormonal dysregulation, and from direct experience working with other women. This program includes advanced nutritional therapies, functional medicine, Kundalini yoga from Atlantis, Siddha yoga from the Himalayas, and a wonderful journey through the chakras using chakra psychology to identify-channel-and transcend buried wounds and traumas from the past that may be contributing unconsciously to their current health problems.  This program gives these women not only unique body*mind*soul tools to help them fix the biochemical glitches causing their current health issues and claim their optimum health back, but also a rich set of resources to help them stay focused and motivated throughout their entire healing journey and beyond!

Tatiana Mercier

If you are suffering from any of the following problems, this program will give yo the tools to solve them!

Weight-gain and stubborn to impossible weight-loss

  • Fat around the middle
  • Fat around the hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • All efforts to lose weight plateau easily
  • You have tried many diets, none works
  • You have tried to exercise but you're confused about how to exercise, how much, how many days per week, etc.
  • You exercise and never see the results the day after
  • Your meals make you bloated or feel heavier and lethargic, instead of light and energised for long hours in a row without the need for more food soon after

Fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, you feel wired or drained

  • Fatigue from the moment you wake up that ruins your day
  • Fatigue in the afternoon
  • You need coffee first thing in the morning to start the day and keep you going
  • You crave the sugary snacks, the crisps, the caffeinated beverages
  • Your sleep is interrupted, you can't fall asleep easily, you wake up continuously, you wake up exhausted
  • No energy to work-out
  • Any effort seems absurd and impossible. You freak out easily before tasks and commitments
  • You have eye bags and/or dark circles under the eyes

Hormonal issues

  • Difficulty digesting your meals, you're bloated, there is intestinal inflammation
  • You have love handles and an unhealthy and large belly
  • You need food several times per day in between your meals and you feel tired without snacking
  • You are on Thyroxin and still feeling cold and being overweight
  • You feel constantly cold and fatigued
  • You have put on weight all over the body
  • You have developed too large breasts, too large hips and thighs
  • Yu have very bad PMS
  • You wake up at night and go to the kitchen for food and drinks
  • Your bladder makes you go to the toilet too many times at night
  • You feel depressed or have anxiety

I'm a nutritional therapist (CNM London), a functional medicine practitioner (FMU), and a yoga teacher and yogi (YC, BWY). I'm also a fellow student in anti-aging medicine at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I have been in clinical practice since 2011 and have extensive experience as a yoga teacher (15 years).

I specialise in the stress-fatigue-burnout continuum and the resulting hormonal dysregulation, and I work more with women. Burnout and severe hormonal dysrgulation caused by unmanaged chronic stress affected me quite dramatically when when I was younger. It is out of this long and painful ordeal that I went through for a decade and a half of my life and of the strategies that I learned and implemented with functional medicine and yoga that finally  worked to save my life and reverse my condition that my program is inspired and created.

I love to work with perimenopausal women who are currently struggling with these same health issues that I struggled with myself for so many years in the past, as I get to understand these women's pain and tribulations well. These women who work with me have excess body fat and stubborn weight-loss; poor sleep; low energy levels; fatigue/burnout; poor eating habits; feel unhealthy and unattractive, and need to revamp their diet, lifestyle and mindset in order to lose weight, rebalance their hormones, fix their burnout, sleep well again, and feel and look sexy and amazing as they wish to.

I have a genuine passion for coaching, motivating, inspiring, positively challenging, and guiding. I present to these brave women a new opportunity to take control of their lives again, to set realistic and achievable goals, and by going through a set of steps weekly together, to ensure the success they dream of but that they simply cannot achieve on their own.
My role as a mentor is to help these women understand what the real underlying root-causes of their health problems are so that they can finally gain clarity and understanding of what is causing them to be out of balance in body*mind*soul in their lives in general.

My role is also, of course, to give them the right tools for them to put an end to the vicious cycle of stress, fatigue, weight-gain, poor self-esteem, depression, lack of faith in the future, poor fitness, etc., and to guide them and support them through the whole process of healing and transformation with a body*mind*soul program that creates transformation from within.

I believe in transformation. I believe that everything is possible.
If you have the right approach, your life can be transformed in unbelievable and beautiful ways!

I will help you fix your adrenal fatigue, other hormonal issues, and achieve real weight-loss and your fitness goals by integrating a set of unique and advanced tools into your personalised program, that include:

Functional Laboratory Testing

To ensure maximum results, I work with functional medicine and functional laboratory tests. It is important to check your levels of various health markers like thyroid, insulin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, pancreatic elastase, short chain fatty acids, SigA, inflammatory cytokines, nutrients, genetic and epigenetic abnormalities, cholesterol, triglycerides, cortisol and DHEA hormones, and other, before the start of the program, and at the end, to monitor and improve all results. I will devise a comprehensive plan for you and you only, based on your laboratory results, your clinical history, and your symptoms.

Spiritual & Mindset Coaching

Because fixing weight issues, fatigue, burnout, and hormonal dysregulation is a serious thing, you need a professional who can work with you side-by-side, day-in and day-out, for a few months, and who can deliver to you a complete and thorough program that works for you by tackling your unique individual nutritional requirements and hormonal imbalances. I will be that coach and I will support you every step of the way so that you get clarity about how to achieve your goals and dreams, so that you get the motivation that you require, and the inspiration, and the direction that you need.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

The way to inform a gene, a gland, a neuron, the gut microbes, the cardiovascular cells, and so on, and to have them act in a desired way in order to initiate healing and repair of organs and systems, is through the action of nutrients, relaxation techniques, and detoxification. The most potent medicine is the one found in nutrients, in sunlight, in fresh air, in the right exercise routine, and in the right mindset. To reverse diseases and balance the endocrine system or the HPA axis, nutrition and lifestyle must be adjusted according to each individual's unique situation and circumstances. This program offers advanced nutritional therapy, meal planning, yoga, functional lab testing, and more.  You'll be supported, guided, and motivated from the beginning to the end.

Ready to fix your hormone imbalances, sleep well again, and lose 10-50 lbs in the next few months? We will make it possible by...

  • Understanding how your hormones are working in your body now and by rebalancing them again
  • Identifying any flaws in your glucose/insulin metabolism and correcting them
  • Fixing your sleep cycle if it is dysrupted
  • Fixing your thyroid if it is dysfunctional (whether or not you're on Thyroxin)
  • Fixing your gut issues ( dysbiosis, infections, liver detox, gallbladder stagnation, stomach acid, etc.)
  • Stimulating and restoring your lymphatics with yoga
  • Devising a delicious, nutritious, fun and colorful diet and refining your lifestyle in a way that it all adapts to your individual requirements
  • Correcting your genetic SNPs that promote your disease process
  • Supporting your liver, colon, cardiovascular and other with the right detox program
  • Refining your mindset - retrieving all old and negative programmings and reactivating the "I can do anything" and "I enjoy the process deeply" vibe from your conscious and subconscious minds
  • Toning and invigorating your physical body with yoga and functional fitness
Young woman in yoga meditation with seven chakras and Yin Yang s


I have created this program out of my own life-long experience with weight-loss, a very tough 17 year struggle with severe burnout, and at least the same number of years with various hormonal dysregulations. In this sprogram that I have created for you, I utilize all the tools that I have learned in nutritional therapy, functional medicine, and anti-aging medicine, and that I have tried first on myself and on my clients over the years with amazing success.

I only work with a selected handful of clients per month. They get exclusive, personalised, and top-notch coaching, follow-up, yoga and exercise instruction, lab testing, and a lifestyle prescription for a healthy change.

This program offers the four pillars of optimal health which are:

  1. Hormone-balancing
  2. Mindset elevation & tune-up
  3. Nutrition & lifestyle boosting
  4. Motivation- support - inspiration

I offer the above by utilising the following tools:

  1. Spiritual coaching / mindset reset
  2. Siddha yoga and Kundalini yoga
  3. Nutritional therapy
  4. Functional lab testing, interpretation of labs, protocols based on results

The program starts by the collection of lab works that include a series of functional markers that are analysed in stool, saliva, urine, and blood. The client receives the kits at home and collects the stool, urine, and saliva on their own. The blood tests require a blood draw at a designated phlebotomist.

While we wait for the results, we start with the mindset, spirituality, coaching, and yoga aspects of the program. We also initiate a detox in preparation for what comes later.

Once the lab results are delivered, I devise a comprehensive and advanced protocol for each client, according to their unique health markers. This happens from month 2. It is then that we start fixing each of the root-causes of weight-gain / burnout/ hormonal imbalances that they may present with -which are usually all or a good combination of the above.

To ensure results, you will have yoga classes to practice. This program includes one yoga sequence, one pranayama exercise, and one meditation in each one of its seven modules. You will have free access to all these yoga sessions for life.

This program is comprised of 7 modules, each being created around the psychology of the 7 chakras of the body. You will be going on a psychological and spiritual journey, chakra by chakra, identifying underlying wounds and traumas that your subconscious mind may have suppressed for years of your life. The course will give you the tools to channel and transcend these traumas with serenity, grace and light, and to deactivate their negative influence on your overall health and life so that your physical body can accelerate its healing process. The journey through the psychology of the chakras is done gently and with love.


  • Get tested with the right lab tests and receive precious information information on your biochemical health that will finally help you reach your health goals!
  • Learn how to eat the right diet for your constitutional type and for your health needs!
  • Learn how to exercise for your individual health requirements and for your metabolic individuality!
  • Learn what supplements you must take to support your genes and effect dramatic changes in the way your body functions!
  • Engage in gentle and yet effective detox programs twice per year to boost your health on all levels and keep you optimally healthy for the rest of your life


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