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Young woman practicing yoga near the sea at sunset. Harmony, med
Yoga Is Medicine In Movement
Young woman doing ashtanga yoga practice in a loft studio, surrounded by bright sunlight. Beutiful girl meditating makes herself a healthy body and strengthening the spirit.
Yoga Is Advanced Technology For Body * Mind * Soul
Cropped image of young woman and her little daughter doing yoga together at home
Stress, Fatigue or Burn-Out Are Busted With Yoga
Fit young woman practice yoga with friends. Fitness female doing yoga meditation indoors in gym class.
Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Tantra And Siddha Yoga To Offer You An Unforgettable Journey Back To Your Healthiest & Happiest You
Meditating in old temple with decorative arches at dramatic sunset sky with light hole in the clouds
Reprogram Your Body & Mind For Optimum Health
Young woman doing complex Yoga exercise headstand with Namaste asana. Amazing Yoga landscape in beautiful mountains
Learn A Technology Of The Highest Order That Wil Help You Remove All Blockages To Your Health, Wellness, and Happiness

Some of my clients in action!

Tatiana not only has an in depth understanding of yoga (and is able to get into the most unbelievable poses), she has an encyclopedic knowledge of ancient practices and beliefs that is woven through the sessions. She patiently and sympathetically breaks down some of those impossible poses to teach me and is able to gear certain sessions towards the freeing up or healing of very specific problems. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her. 

- Emma B.

I love working with Tatiana. Her attention to detail on your individual health profile along with her immense knowledge of the mind body connection in unbeatable. Her kundalini yoga is fantastic and every week it’s takes a new level. It’s uplifting, clearing and hugely impactful in connecting and grounding physical self to the higher self.

- Nicole A.

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