Kundalini Yoga Class in Weybridge

Kundalini Yoga Group Class


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  • 20 Springfield Lane Weybridge KT13 8AW

    (Alleyway next to dry cleaners off Baker's Street and behind Pizza Express).

  • Parking is free on the street.

    Big Weybridge Car Park is free on Sundays (when on the High Street on your way to Weybridge Station, you'll see Barkley's Bank on your left. Turn there and you'll drive into the car park).

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  • Sundays

    11am - 12.30pm

  • This class is a small group of maximum 7-9 people together. Each Sunday I combine Kundalini and Vinyasa together to deliver a fun and unique experience that pleases all of you alike. Join us!

    • Open and suitable for real beginners and for more advanced practitioners
    • The focus of the sessions is placed on stress management and spirituality
    • We meditate to reconnect with INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS and to open our third eye for manifestation of miracles
    • We start the class with a warm up (with vinyasa flow yoga); then we chant mantras; then we do kundalini yoga and finish up with a long guided meditation that includes mudras, mantras, movement, and visualisations.
    • All in all, the classes are very varied and great fun.

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  • £80 / month (four sessions)

    Please wait until I invoice you by email. Thank you!

  • All payments by BACS



Come and give Kundalini Yoga a go!

Kundalini Yoga is different. Let it surprise you in unique ways!

I practiced advanced power yoga for many years. And I still do! But from the moment I did my first Kundalini Yoga class I was completely seduced by its magic!
I'm now in my late forties and appreciate a more meditative and less advanced style of yoga, that is still capable of offering me the physical conditioning that I need but with more emphasis on breath work, on chakra balancing, and on mental relaxation.
I love the spiritual aspect of Kundalini yoga. It is indeed fascinating!

Tatiana x



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Everyone should at one point (have on their bucket list) take part in Tatiana Mercier's yoga experience. Why? It is more than physical, it is spiritual, metal, emotional actually it works on our 10 bodies. Yes, that's right we have not one but 10. You may have heard of Auras well that is on of them. She will enlighten you with more information when you attend the class. She will make your spiritually mature which will have a knock-on effect onto your physical body and make your self-esteem, self worth, self-respect transmute. A grand claim you might think. I don't owe you anything and have nothing to gain, book a class with her and you will see that this review was honest. I didn't know why I took the class but my soul did and now I know why. How they helped you? At least once in your life attend Tatiana's class.

- Ruby S.

Tatiana is a wonderful and passionate Yoga teacher. i have had the pleasure of attending her classes for seven years and they are a challenge and a joy. The combination of the physical exercise and meditations is very potent and I've never come out of a class unfulfilled. Wonderful.

- Gary P.

Amazing class, a great group of people. and made me feel so welcome. Tatiana is a perfect teacher with great presence and energy the class is perfect balance of exercise and breathing and spiritual healing . Tatiana’s experience shines through and will keep you coming back.

- Benjamin McD.

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