Stress & Fatigue

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Most chronic degenerative diseases are initially triggered by chronic stress: stress that is outside the body, and also, stress that is inside.

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HPA Dysfunction

After long periods of unmanaged chronic stress the HPA axis becomes dysregulated. This includes the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal glands. It is of paramount importance to support this glandular axis in time as unmanaged chronic stress can cause irreparable and irreversible damage to these brain centres. There is HPA dysfunction in chronic insomnia, night shifts, PTSD, etc.

Learn how to manage stress from home, the office, on a plane, outdoors, etc.

The biggest mistake people make during stressful periods of life, is to not manage that stress daily, or to manage it poorly. Lack of strategies and a poor mindset will play against you if you're going through tough times at work, with your relationships, with your health, with your self-growth, etc.


Receive the appropriate care and the right treatment for "burnout". Gp's are not trained to help with this health disorder that ruins people's lives and as only solution prescribe anti-depressants. But this is far from tackling the root-cause of burnout and so it is an ineffective and dangerous false-solution. Burnout requires a very comprehensive approach that involves body-mind-soul strategies combined with functional nutrients, programmed rest & relaxation sessions, etc.

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