Functional Medicine


We investigate the root-causes with an in-depth case-taking approach and functional laboratory tests, and then devise a nutrition-and lifestyle-based program to address them instead of simply masking symptoms with patches.

Functional Laboratory Testing

We don't guess based on symptoms. We test! And we do this with state-of-the-art lab works that are richer in health markers and which measure ranges are based on scientific data gathered over a period of time, not based on populations. We test for gut microbiome, hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammatory markers, adrenal stress, nutrients, heavy metals, environmental pollutants, bacterial-viral-yeast infections, allergens, and more. We test in urine, saliva, saliva swab, stool, whole blood, serum, etc.


Because our main principle is to individualize, we test for SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) to understand the individual's genetic predispositions and pinpoint the main genes involved in the pathogenesis of their particular diseases. The information obtained is of crucial value and will determine the way we devise our prescriptions.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

The way to inform a gene, a gland, a neuron, the gut microbes, the cardiovascular cells, and so on, to act in a desired way in order to initiate healing and repair, is done through the action of targeted nutrients. The most potent medicine is the one found in nutrients, in sunlight, in fresh air, in the right exercise routine, and so on.


I chose Vitality Expression because I wanted the best treatment for my arthritis condition. I read about Tatiana's practice on the Internet and saw that she had an award for her work. She is very detailed and works fast to get you up to full health as efficiently as possible. My arthritis has almost gone but still some work to do. I would recommend Tatiana to my friends or to anyone who has a chronic illness because she is the best in the business.

~ Leslie W.

Tatiana’s enthusiasm for helping others become their best self is exceptional. She is supportive, generous and professional. She guides you through any treatments, tests or health challenges so you feel confident in moving forward to better health and wellbeing. The results were amazing

~ Katie Y.

I would recommend Tatiana to everyone ! Tatiana have been treating me for the last few months. She is amazing, talented and very experienced specialist. She managed to put together all the information I provided, give a diagnosis and a clear treatment plan. Following each session I receive an email with the summary of what was discussed which is super helpful. Her friendly but professional approach makes every session very special. And, what is the most important, my symptoms improved, thank you Tatiana! 100% recommend.

~ Kasia M.

Tatiana is amazing! I feel so much healthier and happier in myself since following Tatiana's advice. She is incredibly knowledgable and has taught me lots about nutrition and self care in general. Thank you so much for all your help and support Tatiana

~ Heather B.

Tatiana has been working with me since March 2019. She has helped me immensely with my health issues. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job. She’s always very compassionate ands understanding. She always explains everything very clearly and thoroughly. Very inspirational lady. 

- Pam B.

Tatiana has been working with me on healing an auto immune condition. Her expertise, knowledge and support has been invaluable! Tatiana is passionate about understanding her clients’ concerns and working with them to achieve optimum health. She will be your biggest supporter, advocate and genuinely wants the best for you. I have sang her praises to all my friends and family and will definitely say that working with Tatiana will be the most life changing, positive and healing experience for you.

~ Evyan J.

"I am so glad that I met Tatiana ca. two years ago. Being a type 1 diabetic for over 35 years I have read and heard a lot about nutrition, eating habits, supplements and exercise. I thought I lived a healthy lifestyle until I met Tatiana. She completely opened my eyes to a much broader understanding of eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and doing the proper exercises. She really impressed me because she is very knowledgeable in many disciplines like nutrition, yoga, sport and health in general. On top of this, unlike many doctors, she lives what she advises and is therefore very convincing in her approach. In following her advice my life has improved in many ways. I feel much more energetic, sleep better, have lost weight, feel more balanced and I am much more upbeat. Best of all, I now need 50% less insulin than I used to. This is a fantastic result and I will always be grateful to her"

~ Peter J.

I chose Vitality Expression because I wanted the best treatment for my arthritis condition. I read about Tatiana's practice on the Internet and saw that she had an award for her work. She is very detailed and works fast to get you up to full health as efficiently as possible. My arthritis has almost gone but still some work to do. I would recommend Tatiana to my friends or to anyone who has a chronic illness because she is the best in the business.

~ Leslie W.

"Hi Tatiana, I hope you're enjoying life. I just wanted to let you know that I've come on my period and it came completely unexpectedly because I no longer dread them. I have had NO pain whatsoever. Not even the slightest cramp or discomfort. I actually can't believe how amazing this feels. You are incredible. Thank you so, so much!"

- Janice H.

"Three months after following Tatiana's advice, I see a vast difference: my skin now glows, my energy levels are soaring and I feel alive, I don't suffer any kind of menstrual cramp anymore (hooray! ) Probably most importantly, though, I feel much happier and more positive about life than ever before. This gives me the motivation and the confidence to do things that would have scared me away previously. I am even considering specialising as a make-up artist using organic products only - watch this space!

~ Alice R.

"I had struggled with finding the motivation to exercise previously as I was so tired and lethargic all the time. I wanted to come home and have a nap in the early evening, which would cause a vicious of sleep pattern disruption. Slowly, over the course of two weeks, after beginning to follow Tatiana's advice I found myself running more and more as well as sleeping properly; I now get at least 6 hours' sleep a night (before it was about 3 or 4 at best) Three months later, my exercise routine has transformed: I run 10k three times a week, do Pilates where I can and swim every weekend. I don't even need to 'gear myself up' - I have a new, natural, innate thirst for it."

~ Frank F.

Dear Tatiana,
You have transformed my life and I know that finding you was a blessing to me from God! Thanks to your help, I no longer feel sleepy in the afternoons. I used to feel absolutely exhausted all day, and after lunch, just a couple of hours later, I always needed to stop all activities and collapse on a sofa or bed for the rest of the day. What a waste of time! My life suffered because of that issue with energy levels! But Tatiana, thanks to your help, now, I've got energy all day! Can you imagine this?

Also, I used to suffer from awful anxiety attacks at around 4pm every day. I consulted many doctors about it but they all said I was depressed and prescribed me antidepressants for it. I never took these drugs, of course, as I knew that was not the real cause of my anxiety. But now, oh gosh, you need to tell me what "anxiety" is, as I don't remember any more what it actually feels like!

Thank you, my dear Tatiana! You have changed my life!"

~ Graciela Maria H.

"Let me tell you the many ways in which my health has improved in just 5 months, thanks to your brilliant advice! First, how amazing is this: no more headaches! Let's celebrate! No more headaches! Also, I no longer suffer from this nagging sinusitis that was recurrent and made my days miserable. It is really suprising to me that you helped me get rid of all these horrible symptoms without a single medication from the pharmacy! Also, let me tell you that what I have achieved by changing my diet is phenomenal! Last Friday I tried a pair of jeans from a few years ago that I always loved, and guess what..? They fit so well! Why do doctors don't tell us about diet? Well, it doesn't matter any more. I'm so grateful that I found you.

Thank you, Tatiana!"

~ Ricardo M.

"Tatiana, I'm deeply grateful to you for showing me my dietary mistakes and my several lifestyle flaws... It has taken me these last two years since we met to see my problems with objectivity, but here I am and my life has improved dramatically definitely thanks to you. I know that I still need to carry on losing more weight, but so far the results that I have achieved thanks to your help are huge. My daughter Michelle who was insulin resistant and had put on so many kilos in high-school is also feeling lighter and happier now thanks to your support. We're very grateful, Tatiana. You have changed our lives"

~ Aracelis H.

"I came to Tatiana in April 2017 as I had been suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for years resulting in acne, painful cramps, irregular periods and as a result, fertility problems. I also suffered from migraines. I thought for many years I had a healthy diet, but what I didn't understand was that I was insulin resistant which was causing problems with my hormones. Tatiana made the approach to my tailored diet fun and I was excited to eat organic, fresh, delicious and nutritional foods. I was also advised on supplements to take. Within a few weeks I had so much more energy and no headaches at all (I used to get headaches weekly) and after a month my skin improved dramatically. My menstrual cycle started to become more frequent, from a 12 week cycle to 8 weeks to eventually 6 weeks. In November 2017 I fell pregnant, and am now feeling great in my pregnancy and am still following Tatiana's prescribed diet. I have also not had a migraine since the change in my diet. PCOS is something so many women live with and unfortunately suffer with fertility issues as a result, and without Tatiana's help I would be in the same situation which not only effected me physically but mentally and emotionally too. Thank you Tatiana for transforming my life and guiding me into a healthier lifestyle and for making me feel the best I have ever felt. "
Thank you, Tatiana!

~ Holly B.

" I consulted Tatiana because I felt that my body was trying to tell me that something was amiss! The symptoms I had included apnea at night, difficulty swallowing, frequent sore and swollen tongue, reflux, restless leg syndrome, gout, regular bloating and fatigue.

Tatiana suggested a complete change in diet. I mistakenly thought I was eating fairly healthily but I was very motivated to try a new way of eating and to hopefully cure myself through diet rather than medication. I was so highly motivated that I found it relatively easy to change to the diet Tatiana recommended.

After about a month, some of my symptoms had disappeared altogether and the others had lessened considerably. I’m a lot less tired, my skin is clear and I feel very healthy. My apnea disappeared, my reflux disappeared, I no longer suffer from restless legs, and I feel energised all day! Everyone around me is getting ill and I haven’t had a single day of sickness in 9 months! Surely that can’t just be coincidence…

I had lost sight of the importance of looking after myself and eating the right things. I have finally “seen the light” and am now paving the way, through diet and lifestyle, to a healthy and active middle age and beyond. "

Thank you, Tatiana!

~ Tania L.

" Dear Tatiana,

Can you believe... I forgot my cooked lunch today so I had to buy a tuna wrap from the supermarket. The same wrap I always used to enjoy, tastes foul today! That's a sign that my taste buds have gone up in the world! Ha ha! I love this new diet! Thank you, Tatiana!"

- Jason K.

"Hi Tatiana,
Wow, I'm feeling amazing! I've lost 5 pounds in two weeks without even making the effort! I'm so much happier in myself, and feel like I'm radiating positivity everywhere -that's down to your help, so thank you, Tatiana"!

~ Mark W.

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