Did you know that we are all different from a metabolic point of view?

Brilliant clinical psychologist George Watson, Ph.D, who wrote Nutrition and Your Mind back in 1972, discovered that certain nutrients intensify adverse emotional states in some patients, while in others, the same nutrients could alleviate emotional problems. He recognized that different people have different dietary requirements. "He felt it was pointless to try to treat people's emotional problems without addressing any underlying metabolic disturbances" - write William Wolcott and Trish Fahey in their revolutionary Metabolic Typing Diet, in 2000. 


The same principle applies to any health problem in general.


Ayurveda –the medicine of Ancient India- and Ancient Chinese Medicine, among other, also developed extremely accurate systems for the classification and understanding of people's metabolic types,  or “constitutions”. These observations that took place thousands of years ago are corroborated today as valid and relevant in the undrersanting of people's constitutional types.  This highlights the fact that being all different from a constitutional standpoint we require different nutrients and lifestyle activities in order to thrive.

We then deduce that our individual dietary requirements need to be personalised. Nutritional and overall health recommendations must then be personalised too!


What is more, relying on one-size-fits-all type of diets that are mainly designed to just reduce caloric intake by removing nutrient-dense foods because of their high caloric content, are diets that by definition won't meet your individual nutritional needs and that may actually disrupt your metabolism and weaken your health in general instead of fixing the problem. These diets are not professional and will leave you soon after commencing them hungry, stressed, frustrated, and totally desperate...


Did you know that counting calories may lead to nutritional deficiencies and thus to poor health? And that on top of everything low calorie foods don't have a high satiety index and thus lead to hunger and dissatisfaction? Low fat foods, for instance, are a nutritional aberration: not only they have a catastrophic impact on metabolic regulation (they encourage glucose spikes and thus lead to hypoglycemia and insulin resistance especially when eaten with high glycemic foods like breads and potatoes), but also they are heavily sweatened with sugars in order to mask the lack of palatability caused by the removal of their naturally occurring fats. 


Research has shown that when people diet, those eating the greatest percentage of the total fat in their diets as saturated fat, lose the most weight. And yet, doctors and health institutions keep dangerously advising their patients and members to stay away from saturated fat as it will "kill" them!


There is however extensive scientific evidence1 like the research done by the Department Human Biology of the University of Cape Town- that proves that high-fat diets are far superior to low fat ones given that they are capable of dramatically improving all sorts of markers of health. 


Contrary to common belief, to lose weight, you need to EAT MORE, but not just any foods, and not just at any time. You need to know what to eat, when to eat it, and how to prepare it.

You also need to know what type of exercise your own body thrives on and how to practice it. Any type of exercise will not necessary benefit your own body type or lead to the desired weight-loss.


If you’re looking for a weight-loss coach that can teach you the most wanted secrets in nutrition and fitness; solve any hormonal issues for you that may be preventing you from losing weight; and keep you motivated...  then please click the button below and find out more about my functional weight-loss program.



1. Br J Sports Med. 2017 Jan;51(2):133-139. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2016-096491

Are you desperate to lose weight and would do anything to look and feel great again? 


Are you feeling rather frustrated and confused with the increasing amount of opposing views regarding nutrition and diets?


You have been to a dietitian, a nutritionist, or a doctor, but the results were disappointing?


You don't know where to start again... but this time you are really focused on getting it right?



Ok... you're visiting the rigth page!

Cheer up and keep reading:

The functional medicine solution involves putting into practice an intelligent, well-thought, science-based, holistic, patient-centered, and professional plan... as follows

My functional medicine weight-loss program 



1. Demystifying the major weight-loss myths  - ALL THESE BELIEFS ARE MAKING YOU FAT AND SICK!


  • Eating fat will make you fat
  • Breakfast is the main meal of the day and you should never skip it
  • Carbs are necessary for energy production
  • You are fat because you eat too much
  • You are fat because you don't exercise enough
  • You must count calories and eat only foods low in calories to lose weight
  • Red meat is evil and causes cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Fruits  are very sugary and cause weight gain
  • Nuts are bad for weightloss as they are very high in calories and fattening
  • Salads are the best meal for weightloss
  • You need to eat small meals every 3 hours (5 meals per day)


2Addressing the hidden issue: YOUR HORMONES 

  • Oestrogen & Progesterone
  • Testosterone in men
  • Cortisol
  • Ghrelin & Leptin
  • Insulin
  • Thyroid hormones
  • HPA Axis dysfunction

3. Understanding and practicing my seven rules of healthy eating 

  1. Only eat foods made by God 
  2. Run away from foods made by machines, big brands, and that are advertised on t.v
  3. Eating devitilised non-foods will devitilise you too
  4. Fast can be ok...  as long as it's done properly


5. The power of animal protein 

6. Swap the wrong carbs for fats

7. Cook like your grandmother


4. Creating healthy sleep: the secret miracle that will trigger weightloss! (We'll find out what your best sleep routine is to boost weightloss and rejuvenation)


  • Why sleeping can set your metabolic function back to normal;
  • Not enough sleep and its consequences on your metabolism;
  • Too much sleep = an awful energy killer!


5. Improving gut health - the foundation of any successful weightloss program! 1 (please expect a functional diagnostic stool test to rule out or confirm existing imbalances in your G.I tract)


A healthy gut will help you lose many pounds and feel light and vibrant for the first time in years!

This section of the weightloss program is geared towards:

  • Understanding your microbiome;
  • Addressing fungal overgrowth and sugar cravings;
  • Addressing parasites that cause distention of the abdomen; 
  • Addressing food sensitivites; allergies; intolerances that lead to water retention and bloating, among other symptoms;
  • Addressing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and irritable bowel syndrom (IBS) that cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms of gas; bloating; diarrhea; constipation, etc. and that wont let you lose weight or be happy;
  • Addressing helicobacter pylori and gastric reflux; gastritis; and more.
  • Addressing gut inflammation;
  • Addressing gluten intolerance & gluten sensitivity;
  • Addresing cross-reactivity;
  • Addresing dysbiosis and leaky gut.


1. Microbiota and gut-liver axis: a mini review on the influences on obesity and related liver disease.- J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2013 May; 56(5): 461–468. 


6. Reducing your toxic load 


A body that is too toxic is a body that is stressed, tired, lacking stamina, and incapable of responding optimally to any weightloss program... unless the toxic load is reduced with a therapeutic approach.


My intelligent detox program for weightloss is comprised of the following elements:


  • Liver detox
  • Colon detox
  • Kidney detox
  • Lymph & blood detox
  • Eliminating toxins in home cleansing products; in beauty products; cooking pans, etc.
  • Eating organic and non-processed
  • Detoxifying from emotional baggage
  • Learning to breathe fresh air and to breathe deeply for health & wellness, like the yogis of the Himalayas

7. Learn to exercise for weight-loss and optimum health (exercise is essential... but maybe not just the type of exercise you think)


  • No, it's not really just about cardio
  • Too much cardio can be damaging to your heart
  • High interval training VS. long, slow workouts
  • You'll learn important tips on how to workout right for weightloss! 

8.  Spirituality is awareness of the God within! The most successful weightloss programs teach how to cultivate a strong spiritual awareness and how to access Divine guidance for success.

  • I'll guide you step by step during coaching sessions into how to unlock this Source of strength & optimum wellness for your own advantage;
  • We'll integrate short sessions of pranayama & meditation into your program, to be done on skype. Pranayama and meditation are both powerful techniques of relaxation, they're anti-inflammatory, and lead to regulation of your metabolism. 

"Obesity, especially visceral adiposity, upregulates various inflammatory cytokines and other biomolecules. Chronic elevation of these inflammatory mediators leads to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Yoga-based lifestyle intervention can effectively prevent and retard the progression of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. The mechanism of action of such benefit may be attributed to a reduction in weight and stress, networking at mind and body levels, thereby leading to a reduction in inflammation, and causation and progression of the disease."1
- Obesity-related inflammation & cardiovascular disease: Efficacy of a yoga-based lifestyle intervention


1. Indian J Med Res. 2014 Jun; 139(6): 822–834.

9. Setting Goals and thinking like a winner!


  • Coaching to help you think like a winner
  • Setting small goals AND big goals
  • Reality vs expectations
  • Recognizing the power of love vs the power of fear
  • The real you is within you, stop looking for it elsewhere
  • Learn how to practice patience, consistency, determination, and FAITH!

If you're struggling with your weight and have tried the conventional approach of dieting and intense exercise with poor results, please get in touch with me asap:

+44 07 87 20 22009  consultations@vitalityexpression.co.uk


+44 078720 22 009

"Meta-analyses showed that flavonoids have a promising role in improving visual function in patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension (OHT), and appear to play a part in both improving and slowing the progression of visual field loss".


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"Animal studies show that holy basil helps the body maintain homeostasis of the stress hormone cortisol.1 It rebalances mood-associated neurotransmitters in the brain—specifically ones that can produce feelings of hopelessness, which is a key component of stress-induced depression."2

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Cell growth was inhibited 20% at 0.2 microM lycopene and 40% at 50 microM lycopene after a 24-hr incubation. In the Comet assay, lycopene-treated cells showed less DNA damage than did placebo-treated cells. The inhibition of Hep3B cell growth in this study demonstrates the antitumor properties of lycopene."

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"Major changes in self-reported eating behaviors included eating only when experiencing true physiological hunger and stopping when sensing a feeling of fullness. Self-efficacy for these behaviors was reported to be enhanced by observing weight loss for themselves or others. Support from other group members, the simplicity of the program, and spiritual benefits through prayer and scripture reading were also reported to enhance confidence. Women indicated that they relied on an internal locus of control based on a sense of self-discipline.


Traditional means to enhance self-efficacy were important for all women; however, for some women, spirituality was also an important aspect of adhering to program principles."

- J Nutr Educ Behav. 2004 Jan-Feb;36(1):13-5.

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